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Team CAN (Clean & Neat) Services undertakes and handles all kinds of cleaning service for houses and apartments. Every home is very personal to whomsoever it belongs. Hence we take utmost care in doing our works in a personal manner without compromising the professional aspects. Our experts make sure that every nook and corner of the house or apartment that is entrusted to us is cleaned at its best using most advanced tools and equipment including bed, sofa, carpet, furniture, cupboards, etc. We always make sure that the tools, materials, and solutions used for cleaning purposes are both eco friendly and of the highest quality. We undertake two categories of cleaning services.

CAN Kerala is staffed by caring, enthusiastic and dedicated employees.

Our employees are trained to our own high standards and incentives to constantly surpass our clients’ expectations.


The deep level cleaning of houses/ flats is a comprehensive and An integrated package of cleaning offered by Team CAN (Clean & Neat) Services and include

Cleaning of cobwebs on Walls and Ceilings

Doors, Windows, Ventilators, and Furniture will be cleaned using high-quality eco-friendly spraying solutions

Bathroom Floors, Walls & Fittings will be cleaned by scrubbing manually.

Exhaust fans & Ventilators will be cleaned using high quality echo-friendly spraying solutions

Kitchen shelves / Wardrobes will be cleaned by removing all the contents in them and will be put back in the same manner.

The Floor, Walls and tiles of the Kitchen will be cleaned.

All the electrical fittings including fans, bulbs, switchboards and fixtures will be cleaned.

The entire floor area will be cleaned by scrubbing manually and using a wet vacuum cleaner.

The package includes cleaning of Sit out, Living Room, Dining Hall, Bedrooms, and Bathrooms, Staircase area, Balcony, Store Room, Prayer Room and Work area.

The Sofas, Mattresses, Carpets, Dining Chairs will be cleaned by separately using Dust Vacuum methodology.

Window/Glass portions will be cleaned with the utmost care and Attention

Services Offered in Calicut

CAN Kerala offers professional house cleaning services in Calicut. We deliver the best home cleaning services in Calicut.

Services Offered in Malappuram

We offer a wide range of cleaning services in Malappuram. For any home cleaning services, you can contact us.

Services Offered in Palakkad

We are known for our dedicated cleaning services in Palakkad. We render house cleaning services with utmost professionality.


In this category of service offered by CAN (Clean & Neat) Services, only laborers will be supplied to the site as per requirement who will work for 8 hours a day plus a lunch break of 1 hour. Additional work after the 8 hours in a day will be charged extra labor charges per hour. The directions for cleaning and sufficient cleaning materials/tools shall be provided to the laborers by the customers. The features of Normal Level Cleaning Service of Team CAN (Clean & Neat) Services are shown below;

Only laborers will be provided by us

The working hours of laborers shall be 8 hours including lunch break of 1 hour

Additional working hours beyond 8 hours will be charged extra

No specific area of cleaning can be fixed for 8 hours as it depends upon the quantity and depth of dirt, dust, age of building etc.

The customer has to provide a cleaning direction to the laborers

The company shall provide necessary Cleaning machines/ material and chemicals

No Floor scrubbing, sofa shampooing & water tank cleaning

Waste disposal is the responsibility of the customer

Quotations will be submitted as per the nature and size of demands from customers


Hourly Cleaning services come in handy in times of dealing with patient care at home or hospitals and managing pets at home or shops. CAN (Clean & Neat) Services also provide hourly cleaning services whenever needed. We have trained hands to support you professionally in your cleaning works. They will be sent equipped with sufficient tools to meet the needs.


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ACP (Aluminium Composite Panels) is widely used for building exterior attraction etc. and always remains exposed to the ravages of environment and weather, such as rain, dust, pollution, etc. Depending on weather variations, the ACP panels are easy subjects to scratches and color fades. The life and beauty of ACP are depending on its periodical maintenance. Aluminum Composite Panels have to be cleaned every three years for long-lasting effects. It is the thin coating of aluminum that helps the material from deteriorating or rusting. Hence much care and attention are required while cleaning the Aluminium composite Panels. The cleaning shall be done without affecting the thin layer aluminum composite on the panels. Team CAN (Clean & Neat) Services promises keen and thorough ACP cleaning services for houses, showrooms, offices, factories, schools, and other public buildings. Our ACP Cleaning has the following benefits; Experienced hands in ACP Cleaning Highly advanced Scratch-free ACP Cleaning methods Maintains the natural color and shining of ACP materials Most trusted ACP cleaning experts High-quality ropes and security jackets for working on steeps and heights


Most of Offices and Showrooms are working 24 hours a day. And it is a The Himalayan task to clean such offices in short notice. As professional in the cleaning sector, CAN (Clean & Neat) Services offers the support of trained cleaning staff well equipped with modern tools of cleaning to retrieve the elegance and hygiene of your office/showrooms within a short period of time.