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CAN Kerala, is the natural choice of many leading companies and the choice of companies which value corporate social and environmental responsibility.

Services Offered in Calicut

We are known for our professional pest control services in Calicut.

Services Offered in Malappuram

We offer the best and afford pest control services in Malappuram. Get rid of annoying pests from your home with our dedicated service. For pest control services in Malappuram, contact us.

Services Offered in Palakkad

If you want the best and affordable pest control Services in Palakkad, you can contact us.

Pest control has become a serious issue in modern times. Pests can damage valuable properties and cause a lot of health issues. Team CAN (Clean & Neat) Services is backed specialized wing of pest control experts in various segments. We make sure that only government approved products are used for pest control measures. We use only eco-friendly chemicals for this purpose which is not harmful to humans, pets and the environment. Our pest control services are extended to Healthcare institutions, Hospitality centers, Manufacturing units, Food Processing & Packaging units, Storage & Warehousing facilities etc. We have successfully solved many issues caused by cockroaches, ants, wasps, flies, moths, beetles, clothes moths, rats, bed bugs, etc. We focus on the following categories pest control

We are team of professionals with more than a decade experience in all aspects of pest control services like Termite control, Wood borer treatment, Bed bug treatment, cockroach treatment etc. We are committed to thorough, dedicated, and timely service. This is what makes the difference at CAN Kerala.

At CAN Kerala, we can provide a solution for a wide range of pests and their associated problems. We provide general pest control treatments that depend on prevention and methods that cause the least harm to people and the environment. We provides a whole host of services to customers with pest problems at a variety of places such as Calicut, Malappuram, and Palakkad. Our services include Termite control, Cockroach gel treatment, Rodent control, Mosquito control and Bed bug control. We provides the best Pest Control Services Kerala.

If you find signs of a pest infestation call us in order to properly and quickly assess and identify your pest problem. By working with our pest control professional, you can save yourself the time, money and aggravation of trying to treat the infestation yourself.

We offer a total pest control service package without the need to use sub-contractors. This enables us to fully manage and guarantee quality to our customers. Pests are an age old problem that still grabs headlines because traditional pest control methods haven’t solved it and never will. Pest problems in our daily environment are becoming an increasing concern for both commercial and domestic entities. Not only are there health and safety issues to consider but also financial implications, such as permanent and costly damage to property.


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